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EMAS is a result of extensive research to streamline the institutions and provide a changed paradigm in which the organizations perform and grow. EMAS is modular software consisting of 4(12) Modules designed to automate one or more areas of the institutions work and thereby render efficiency. It streamlines the working of the institution, cuts down overheads, centralizes the entire data and stores it into an easily retrievable form (Stored Data with perfect backup facility, so that data will never lost). It provides total database to the principal and management and empowers them to lead the institution forward.

Staff will be provided with the Tablet and Inbuilt Apps, which are very useful and helpful to improve teaching effectiveness.

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Tablet For Staff         


The need for EMAS stems from the fact that an institution is an extremely complex organization and very often the sheer magnitude of work process restricts the progress of the institution. With the number of students increasing every year, simple tasks like calculating attendance, totaling of marks, generating progress reports, generating ranks and roll numbers becomes very tedious and time consuming. Research says that as much as 25% of a teacher’s time is wasted in non-teaching work. Similar difficulties are observed in fee collection, payroll generation, timetable computation, inventory management and accounting. The biggest lacuna is the lack of co-ordination in vast areas of schoolwork. Manually recorded data takes time to maintain and retrieve. Often this data is not used for organizational intelligence. This not only makes decision-making difficult for the management but denies it of insights and thus blurs the vision.

Staff can take the attendance of students daily from the tablet using the inbuilt Attendance App. At the same time they can send the SMS to Parents regarding their son's/daughter's presence or absencefor particular subject.

By use of this app, parents will come to know whether their son/daughter are attending the classes regularly or not. It will be helpful for staff that everything happens by one touch.

There is no need of Paper work and going and preparing attendance sheet after class etc.

And parents will be happy to see their son/daughter's attendance progress report.


* Student Registration & Admissions
* Fees Collection & Receipt Printing
* Students Information System
* Staff Attendance
* Academics(Examination Management)
* Activities/Events Management
* Front Office/Reception
* Send Direct Emails
* User Management
* Send SMS from Internet
* Web/Internet Reporting
* Student Enquiries Software
* Entrance Test & Merit Lists
* Students Attendance System
* Staff Management Software
* Timetable Generation Software
* Library Management Software
* Schedules & Reminders
* Send SMS To Mobile